Live trio performance of ‘Uproots’ | Woodburner Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, London

Ed Begley (vocals/keys),Tom Herbert (bass) and Joost Hendrickx (drums) form a dream partnership whose meeting of minds generate boundless creative inspiration and an expansive soundworld with beautiful fluidity and a powerful presence.

Having collaborated through the Jazz and improvised music scenes in London and Leeds for several years, Ed has now brought them together to produce a debut record.

Although song based – the nature of the music combined with the styles of musicianship the three have allows for consistent evolution both live and in the studio where they have been working closely with Alex Bonney (engineer/producer) to capture and facilitate the bands nascent development and help formulate their recording style for this record.

From deep, personal journeys to explorative streams of consciousness, the band has a way of discovering unmarked territory with each new performance.

A lasting statement from this band is its ability to create so much atmosphere and texture from minimal instrumentation; something that is integral to communicating their moving and uplifting music in a visceral and sincere way.

Live trio performance of Moonface River | Sofar Oxford

Soundscapes from train journeys with William Foyle

My solo work resides predominantly in songwriting but more recently I have begun branching out into the soundscape / ambient world both live and on record. This study is from a series of films shot and composed for over a three year period in collaboration with the painter William Foyle – an open ended project for inspiration and companionship during the rougher months of the year.

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